Exterior waterproofing


New Forte Exterior Waterproofing Seven Step System 

Our exterior waterproofing  of basements in homes and industrial buildings has stood the test of time.   Join the thousands of happy customers who enjoy the piece of mind with our 2-25 year warranty depending on the scope of the job.

Waterproofing  your home from the exterior allows you to restore the foundation and gain maximum drainage around you property by installing new weeping tile.

NewForte water proofing exterior wallExcavate by hand or machine around the perimeter of the leaky or damp basement exposing the cracked or wet wall to be cleaned and repaired

The old weeping tiles are examined for repair and or new weeping tile are installed.

NewForte water proofing exterior wall 2

The exposed exterior walls are examined for cracks and other imperfections. Cracks are chiseled out and filled with hydraulic cement. Parging of wall and coving of footing is also performed.

Rubber waterproofing membrane  is applied your foundation. Either troweller mastic bitumen or blue skin membrane is applied to the wall.

Dimpled drainage membrane is fastened to the exterior wall. This membrane will act as a protection board and a drainage membrane.

Weeping tile exterior waterproofing

Clear gravel is placed over the weeping tile. This maximizes drainage and ensures water stays out and interior wall stays dry. Your home remains comfortable and safe free from dampness and mould.NEW FORTE WATERPROOFING Weeping Tile

As an added form of protection Blueskin can be added at this time.New Forte WAterproofing- Blue Skin

Backfill every 12 inches and tamper mechanically. Rest assured your landscaping with be returned to its original appearance. New Forte WAterproofing Backfill to original state


The New Forte Seven Step Exterior Waterproofing System
ensures  your foundation is water tight and your basement is dry, guaranteed  .

Applicators for:

  • Hot Rubberized Membrane
  • Cold Applied Membranes (Bakor)
  • Self Adhering Membrane

Installer of Air-Gap Drainage Membrane (System Platon)

Concrete Joints

Repairs To Beam Pockets

Repairs To Pipe / Electrical Conduits (Hydro Pipe)

Weeping Tile Flushed Out and / or Replaced

Window Well Repair:

  • New Window Well Installation
  • Window Well Drains Clean-Out or Replaced

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