If your basement foundation is made of solid concrete, hairline cracks can be repaired from inside your basement using a pressure injection of either epoxy or poly-urethane. Insertion ports are installed along the crack and the epoxy or poly-urethane is injected into the crack all the way to the outside.

Polyurethane Crack Injection:

  • Can be used to repair wet or even leaking cracks, it repels water.
  • Polyurethane crack injection expands over 20 times its volume.
  • Flexible and allows for natural movement of the concrete due to thermal shrinkage and expansion.

Epoxy Injection:

  • Only to dry surfaces, making the repair of a leaking or wet cracks impossible
  • Strength and bond with concrete greatly exceed the strength of the concrete itself.
  • Epoxy Crack Filler provides the strongest repair, which will withstand traffic.
  • Epoxy crack injection provides structural strength.
  • No expansion – a 1/4-inch crack needs four times more epoxy than a 1/16-inch crack

Other Interior Waterproofing Services:

Internal Water Control Method: Drainage tiles installed just below the concrete floor in a basement leading to a sump pump or drain.

New forte Waterproofing inside drainage 7

Tie \ Rod Holes: Plugged and sealed.

Underground Parking Garage (Ceiling Slab Cracks)

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